Losic Research Group

Prof Dusan Losic is a professor at the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials, the University of Adelaide, and leader of Nano research group with 20 researchers. He completed PhD (2003) in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Flinders University, Australia) as one of the first PhD in Australia in this field. After 3 years postdoctoral work at Flinders in 2007 he received ARC Research Fellowship (5 years) starting his independent research at University of South Australia (Ian Wark Research Institute). In 2012 he received ARC Future Fellowship, and join the University of Adelaide with his research group and in 2017 became the Director of the ARC Graphene Research Hub.

Losic Group research interests focus on graphene and other advanced materials and include fundamental and applied aspects across disciplines of nanotechnology, chemistry, materials science, engineering, medicine and agriculture. Research outcomes aim to address concerning problems in health, environment, agriculture and energy.