Journal Papers

2024 Journal papers

400. Pei Lay Yap, Fanxiang Lei, Farzaneh Farivar,  Andrew J. Pollard, Dusan Losic, Assessing Functional Groups of Graphene Related 2D Materials (GR2Ms), 2024 (under review)

399. Evagelia Lampiri, Pei Lay Yap, Panagiotis Berillis, Christos G. Athanassiou, Dusan Losic, Graphene powders as new contact nanopesticides: revealing key parameters on their insecticidal activity for stored product inseccts, 2024 (under review)

398. Mahnaz Dadkhah, Md Julker Nine, Kosala Purasinhala, Gurleen Singh Sandhu,  Dusan Losic, * Nanostructure-Dependent Coloration Efficiency of Electrochromic Coatings, 2024 (under review)

397. Siavash Aghili, Masoud Panjepour, Dusan Losic, , A kinetic analysis study of the oxidative thermal degradation of fullerene C60 using the deconvolution method, 2024 (under review)

396. PV Mane, RM Rego, PL Yap, D Losic, MD Kurkuri, Unveiling cutting-edge advances in high surface area porous materials for the efficient removal of toxic metal ions from water, Progress in Materials Science, 2024, 101314,

395. PL Yap, HH Nguyen, J Ma, M Gunawardana, D Losic, Exploring kinetic and thermodynamic insights of graphene related two dimensional materials for carbon dioxide adsorption, Separation and Purification Technology 2024, 348, 127633,

394.Hien Phuong Le, Kamrul Hassan, Mahnaz Ramezanpour, Jonathan Campbell, Tran Thanh Tung, Sarah Vreugde, Dusan Losic, Development of Novel Iron (III) Crosslinked Bioinks Comprising Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Xanthan Gum, and Hyaluronic Acid for Soft Tissue Engineering Applications, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2024,

393. D Losic, F Farivar, PL Yap, Refining and Validating Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) for Robust Characterization and Quality Assurance of Graphene-Related Two-Dimensional Materials (GR2Ms), 2024, C 10 (2), 30,

392. ATT Tran, K Hassan, TT Tung, A Tripathy, A Mondal, D Losic, Graphene and metal–organic framework hybrids for high-performance sensors for lung cancer biomarker detection supported by machine learning augmentation, Nanoscale,2024, 16 (18), 9084-9095,

391. Qiulan Zhang, Linghong Liu; Pei Lay Yap; Zhu Wang; Yongnian Ni; Dusan Losic, Inhibition of α-glucosidase activity by curcumin loaded on ZnO@rGO nanocarrier for potential treatment of diabetes mellitus, Luminescence, 2024,

390. Tianhua Chen, Jiaxin Liu, Dusan Losic, Haitao Zhang, Jian Wang, Suojiang Zhang, Ionic liquid boosting the electrochemical stability of a poly(1,3-dioxolane) gel electrolyte for high-voltage solid-state lithium batteries, ChemSusChem 2024, 17,(5), e202301242

389. Liang Xu, Chaoyang Wu, Pei Lay Yap, Dusan Losic, Juncheng Zhu, Yuxin Yang, Shihao Qiao, Liang Ma, Yuhao Zhang, Hongxia Wang, Recent advances of silk fibroin materials: from molecular modification and matrix enhancement to possible encapsulation-related functional food applications, Food Chemistry, 2024, 438, 137964,

388. Mengyuan Li,Dong Liu, Dusan Losic,Shun Wang, Qian Tian, Rongda Yu, Haoyu Li, Yuguo Shen, Yin Zhong, Peng Yuan, In-vivo thiol-functionalization of diatoms and their applications for efficient Ag+ adsorption and surface-enhanced Raman scattering, Chemical Engineering Journal 2024, 479, 147751,

387. Pei Lay Yap, Huynh Hong Nguyen,Md Julker Nine,Jun Ma, Manju Gunawardana,Dusan Losic, Structure-Property-Performance Relationship of Graphene Related 2D Materials (GR2Ms) for Carbon Dioxide Capture: A Holistic Experimental Investigation, Materials Today Sustainability, 2024,  27,100834,

2023 Journal papers

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386.OZS Ong, MH Ghayesh, D Losic, Dynamical behaviour of CNT reinforced plates with mass imperfections, Procedia Structural Integrity 45, 140-147,

385. Joherul Alam, Xiao Su, Hsu-Chiang Kuan, Shahraam Afshar Vahid, Kamil Zuber, Qingshi Meng, Fanzhe Meng, Dusan Losic, Jun Ma, Preparation, morphology and thermoelectric performance of PEDOT/CuI nanocomposites,Functional Composite Materials 2023, 4, 9

384. Oscar Zi Shao Ong, Mergen H. Ghayesh, Dusan Losic, Vibrations of porous functionally graded CNT reinforced viscoelastic double beams connected via a viscoelastic layer, International Journal of Engineering Science 2023, 191, 103917,

383. Quoc Hue Pho, Volker Hessel, Evgeny V. Rebrov, Pradeep Lamicchae, Nam Nghiep Tran, Dusan Losic, Stagnant Liquid Layer as “Microreaction System” in Submerged Plasma Micro-Jet for Formation of Carbon Quantum Dots, 2023 (under review)

382. Yanfu Wei, Peng Yuan, Junming Zhou, Jing Liu, Dusan Losic, Honghai Wu, Hongling Bu, Xinjie Tan, Zheng Li, Direct Atomic-Scale Insight into the Precipitation Formation at the Lanthanum Hydroxide Nanoparticle/Solution Interface, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2023, 14, 3995-4003

381. Md Julker Nine, Alena Chizova, Shaheer Maher, Ashis Tripathy, Arash Mazinani, Mahnaz Dadkhah, Kamrul Hassan, Pei LayYap, Tran T. Tung, Dusan Losic, Ice fouling on Superhydrophobic and slippery surface, Surfaces and Interfaces 2023, 40, 103005,

380. Qingshi Meng, Peng Wang, Yin Yu, Jianbang Liu, Xiao Su, Hsu-Chiang Kuan, Baozhu Wang Liqun Zhang, Yingyan Zhang, Dusan Losic Jun Ma, Polyaspartic polyurea/graphene nanocomposites for multifunctionality: Self-healing, mechanical resilience, electrical and thermal conductivities, and resistance to corrosion and impact, Thin-Walled Structure, 2023, 189, 110853,

379. Vipin Richhariya, Ashis Tripathy, Oscar Carvalho, Md Julker Nine, Dusan Losicc, F.S. Silva, Unravelling the physics and mechanisms behind slips and falls on icy surfaces: A comprehensive review and nature-inspired solutions, Materials & Design, 2023, Volume 234, 112335,

378. Tran Thanh Tung, Ana L. C. Pereira, Erik Poloni, Minh Nhat Dang, James Wang, Truong-Son Dinh Le, Young-Jin Kim, Quoc Hue Pho, Md J. Nine, Cameron James Shearer, Volker Hessel, Dusan Losic, Irradiation Methods for Engineering of Graphene related two-dimensional materials (GR2Ms), Applied Physics Reviews, 2023,10, 031309 (in press)

377. Suresh Sagadevan, Md Zillur Rahman, Estelle Léonard, Dusan Losic, Volker Hessel, Sensor to Electronics Applications of Graphene Oxide through AZO Grafting, Nanomaterails, 2023, 13 (5) 846

376. Pei Lay Yap, Farzaneh Farivar, Åsa K. Jämting, Victoria A. Coleman, Sam Gnaniah, Elisabeth Mansfield, Cheng Pu, Sandra Marcela Landi, Marcus Vinícius David, Emmanuel Flahaut, Mohammed Aizane, Michael Barnes, Mary Gallerneault, M. Dominique Locatelli, Sébastien Jacquinot, Carlton Gray Slough, Jörg Menzel, Stefan Schmölzer, Lingling Ren, Andrew J. Pollard, Dusan Losic, International Interlaboratory Comparison (ILC) of Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) of Graphene Related 2D Materials (Analytical Chemistry, 2023, 95, 12, 5176–5186,

375. Le Yu, Penelope Adamson, Pei Lay Yap, Tran Tung, Shaheer Makar, Mark Turra, Geoff Higgins, Dusan Losic, From Biowaste to Lab-bench: Low-cost Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for RNA Extraction and SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostics, Biosensors, 2023, 13(2) 196

374. Karolinne M. de Sousa, Denver P. Linklater, Billy J. Murdoch, Mohammad Al Kobaisi, Russell J. Crawford, Roy Judge, Stuart Dashper, Alastair J. Sloan, Dusan Losic, Elena P. Ivanova, Modulation of MG-63 osteogenic response on mechano-bactericidal micro-nanostructured titanium surfaces, ACS Applied Biomaterials, 2023, 6, 3, 1054–1070

373. Mengyuan Li, Dong Liu, Shun Wang, Haozhe Guo, Dusan Losic, Liangliang Deng, Shijun Wu, Peng Yuan, Efficient removal of Cd2+ by diatom frustules self-modified in situ with intercellular organic components, Environmental Pollution, 2023, 319, 121005,

372. Quang Nghia Pham, Marnie Winter, Valentina Milanova, Clifford Young, Mark R Condina, Peter Hoffmann, Nguyen TH Pham, Tran Thanh Tung, Dusan Losic, Benjamin Thierry, Magnetic enrichment of immuno-specific extracellular vesicles for mass spectrometry using biofilm-derived iron oxide nanowires, Nanoscale, 2023, 15, 1236-1247

371. Quoc Hue Pho, LiangLiang Lin, Evgeny V Rebrov, Mohammad Mohsen Sarafraz, Thanh Tung Tran, Nam Nghiep Tran, Dusan Losic, Volker Hessel, Process Intensification for Gram-Scale Synthesis of N-doped Carbon Quantum Dots Immersing a Microplasma Jet in a Gas-Liquid Reactor, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2023, 452, 139164

370.Tran Thanh Tung, Manh Trung Tran, Ana L. C. Pereira, Cristiano M. B. Cordeiro, Duc Dung Nguyen, Chia Chen Hsu, Jean François Feller, Mickael Castro, Kamul Hassan, Md Julker Nine, Nathan Staney, Dusan Losic, Graphene woven fabric-polydimethylsiloxane piezoresistive films for smart multi-stimuli responses, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2023, 221, 112940

369. Le Yu, Md J. Nine, Tran T. Tung, Ana C. Pereira, Kamrul Hassan, Diana Tran, Alexandre Santos, Dusan Losic, 2D Materials for Enhanced X-Ray Radiation Shielding, Graphene and 2D materials, 2023

368. Le Yu, Pei Lay Yap, Alexandre M. C. Santos, Diana N. H. Tran, Dusan Losic, Lightweight Polyester Fabric with Elastomeric Bismuth Titanate Composite for High-Performing Lead-Free X-ray Shielding, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2023,205,110726,

2022 Journal papers

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367. Quoc Hue Pho, LiangLiang Lin, Nam Nghiep Tran, Tung T Tran, An Hoa Nguyen, Dusan Losic, Evgeny V Rebrov, Volker Hessel, Rational design for the microplasma synthesis from vitamin B9 to N-doped carbon quantum dots towards selected applications, Carbon, 2022, 198, 22-33

366. Nguyen Xuan Sang, Tran Thi Ly Na, Luu Thi Lan Anh, Pham Thi Thuy, Nguyen Tri Tuan, Tran Thanh Tung, Anh Tuan Trong Tran, Quoc Hue Pho, Cameron James Shearer, Dusan Losic,Engineering of ZnO/graphene nanocomposite for enhancing visible photocatalytic ability, Physica status solidi (a), 2022, 2200172

365. S Liu, X Zhang, C. Wang, C. Yin, J Rao, Y. Zhang, D. Losic, Long-term high-temperature resistant biotemplated composite coating for AZ91D magnesium alloy protection, Journal of Magnesium and Alloys, 2022,

364. PB Samal, SJ Chen, TT Tung, D. Losic, C Fumeaux, Efficiency-Driven Design For Planar Antennas with Lossy Materials, IEEE Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2022 10.1109/OJAP.2022.3227903

363. Jiaying Wang, Peihang Li, Peng Yu, Tim Leckser, Ilker S.Bayer, Dusan Losic, Arup Neogi, Zhiming Wang, Efficient photothermal deicing employing super-hydrophobic plasmonic MXene composite, Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials 2022, 5 (4), 3035-3044, 2022

362. Aitang Zhang, Kai Wang, Md Julker Nine, Mengyu Cao, Hanwen Zong, Zhiqiang Liu, Hanwen Guo, Jingquan Liu, Dusan Losic, Natural high-porous diatomaceous-earth based self-floating aerogel for efficient solar steam power generation, Green Energy & Environment, 2022,

361. Yanfu Wei, Peng Yuan, Dong Liu, Mingxian Liu, Dusan Losic, Xiaomin Ma, Ran Jiang, Nanchun Wu, Fang Yang, Junxiong Zhang, Converting magnesium-rich chrysotile nanotubes into magnesium oxide and hydroxide for superior phosphate adsorption from wastewater, Inorganic Chemistry, 2022

360. Oscar Zi Shao Ong, Mergen H. Ghayesha, Dusan Losic, Coupled dynamics of bidirectional functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced double beams, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 2022, 143, 263-282

359. Saira Ishaq, Mahmoud Moussa, Farah Kanwal, Raheel Ayub, Truc Ngo Van, Umar Azhar, Dusan Losic,An efficient strategy for Graphene/Cobalt Ferrite/Polypyrrole preparation as a ternary composite supercapacitor electrode, Electrochimica Acta, 2022, 140883 

358. Quoc Hue Pho, LiangLiang Lin, Nam Nghiep Tran, Thanh Tung Tran, An Hoa Nguyen, Dusan Losic, Evgeny V. Rebrov, Volker Hessel, Rational Design for the Microplasma Synthesis from Vitamin B9 to N-doped Quantum Dots Towards Selected Applications, Carbon, 2022, 198, 22-33

357. Md J. Nine, Le Yu, Ana L. C. Pereira, Munkhbayar Batmunkh, Kamrul Hassan, Alexandre Santos, Tran T. Tung, Dusan Losic, Laminated antimonene as an alternative and efficient shielding strategy against X-ray radiation, Applied Materials Today 29 (2022) 101566

356. Le Yu, Pei Lay Yap, Alexandre Santos, Diana Tran, Kamrul Hassan, Dusan Losic, Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride in Molybdenum Disulfide-Epoxy Compositesfor for Significant X-ray Shielding Enhancement, ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2022

355. Ioannis Charalambos Moisidis, Maria K. Sakka1, Ramesh Karanguran, Dusan Losic, Christos G. Athanassiou, Insecticidal effect of graphene against three stored-product beetle species on wheat, Journal of Stored Products Research, 2022, 98, 101999

354. Mathias Aakyiir, Brayden Tanner, Pei Lay Yap, Hadi Rastin, Tran Thanh Tung, Dusan Losic, Qingshi Meng, Jun Ma, 3D printing interface-modified PDMS/MXene nanocomposites for stretchable conductors, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 2022, 117, 174-182

353. Yang Cheng, Yu Fu, Liang Ma, Pei Lay Yap, Dusan Losic, Hongxia Wang, Yuhao Zhang, Edible inks from 2D, 3D to 4D printing: rheology-printability and food innovation, Food Hydrocolloids, 2022, 107855

352. Fiasal K Alosaimi, Tran T Tung, Van-Duong Dao, Nguyen K Huyen, Md J Nine, Kamrul Hassan, Jun Ma, Dusan Losic, Graphene-based multifunctional surface and structure gradients engineered by atmospheric plasma, Applied Materials Today, 2022,27, 101486

351. Dusan Losic, Farzaneh Farivar, Pei Lay Yap, Tran T. Tung, Md Julker Nine, New Insights on Flammability of Graphene Oxide Materials and Potential Safety Risks, Science of The Total Environment, 2022, 848, 157743,

350. Piers Turner, Keith R Paton, Elizabeth J Legge, Andres de Luna Bugallo, AKS Rocha-Robledo, Ahmed-Azmi Zahab, Alba Centeno, Alessio Sacco, Amaia Pesquera, Amaia Zurutuza, Andrea Mario Rossi, Diana NH Tran, Diego L Silva, Dusan Losic, Farzaneh Farivar, Hugo Kerdoncuff, Hyuksang Kwon, Jerome Pirart, João Luiz E Campos, Kiran M Subhedar, Li-Lin Tay, Lingling Ren, Luiz Gustavo Cançado, Matthieu Paillet, Paul Finnie, Pei Lay Yap, Raul Arenal, Sanjay R Dhakate, Sebastian Wood, Sergio Jiménez-Sandoval, Tim Batten, Vaiva Nagyte, Yaxuan Yao, Angela R Hight Walker, Erlon H Martins Ferreira, Cinzia Casiraghi, Andrew J Pollard, et al, International Interlaboratory Comparison of Raman Spectroscopic Measurements of CVD-grown Graphene, 2D materials, 2022, 9 035010,

349. Kerry L. Wilkinson, Renata Ristic, Colleen Szetoa, Dimitra L. Caponea,Le Yuc, Dusan Losic, Use of activated carbon fabric to mitigate smoke taint in grapes and wine, The Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 2022, 28, 3, 500-507

348. Tran Thanh Tung, Mahmoud Moussa, Kumud Malika Tripathi, TaeYoung Kim, Md Julker Nine, Ashok Kumar Nanjundan, Deepak Dubal, Dusan Losic, Coupling graphene microribbons with carbon nanofibers: New carbon hybrids for high-performing lithium and potassium-ion batteries, Sustainable Materials and Technologies, 2022, 32, e00393

347. Huimin Yu, Jason David Whittle, Dusan Losic, Jun Ma, Ultra-stable zinc ion batteries by suppressing vanadium dissolution via multiple ion-bonded vanadate cathodes, Applied Physics Review, 2022, 9, 011416

346. Xuemin Zhong, Peng Yuan, Yanfu Wei, Dong Liu, Dusan Losic, Mengyuan Li, Coupling Natural Halloysite Nanotubes and Bimetallic Pt–Au Alloy Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient and Selective Oxidation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2022,

345. Shaheer Maher, Denver Linklater, Hadi Rastin, Pei Le Yap, Elena P. Ivanova, Dusan Losic, Tailoring Additively Manufactured Titanium Implants for Short-Time Pediatric Implantations with Enhanced Bactericidal Activity, ChemMedChem 2022, 17, 2,e202100781,

344. Shaheer Maher, Denver Linklater, Hadi Rastin, Sandy Tzu-Ying Liao, Karolinne Martins de Sousa, Luis Lima-Marques, Peter Kingshott, Helmut Thissen, Elena P. Ivanova, and Dusan Losic, Advancing of 3D-Printed Titanium Implants with Combined Antibacterial Protection Using Ultrasharp Nanostructured Surface and Gallium-Releasing Agents, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2022, 8,1, 314-327

2021 Journal papers

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343. H Yu, M Aakyiir, S Xu, JD Whittle, D Losic, J Ma, Maximized crystal water content and charge-shielding effect in layered vanadate render superior aqueous zinc-ion battery, Materials Today Energy 21, 100757

342. Ashis Tripathya, Md Julker Nine, Dusan Losic, Filipe Samuel Silva, Nature inspired emerging sensing technology: recent progress and perspectives, Materials Science & Engineering R, 2021, 146, 100647

341. Vo Cao Minh, Pham Thi Thuy, Nguyen Xuan Sang, Nguyen Tri Tuan, Tran Thanh, Tung, Dusan Losic, Effect of large graphene particle size on structure, optical property and photocatalytic activity of graphene-titanate nanotube composites, Optical Materials, 2021, 122, 111662

340. Dusan Losic, Farzaneh Farivar, Pei Lay Yap, Afshin Karami, Accounting Graphene Fake Materials using Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) Approach, Analytical Chemistry, 2021,93 (34), 11859-11867 (Journal Cover)

339. Minh Canh Vu, Dineshkumar Mani, Jun-Beom Kim, Tae-Hyeong Jeong, Seong-Min Park, In-Sik In, Jong-Chan Won, Dusan Losic, Choong-Sun Lim, Sung-Ryong Kim,Hybrid Shell of MXene and Reduced Graphene Oxide Assembled on PMMA Bead Core towards Tunable Thermoconductive and EMI Shielding Nanocomposites, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2021, 149,  2021, 106574

338. Arash Mazinani, Md Julker Nine, James Lee, Alexandra Tikhomirov, Hadi Rastin, Tran Thanh Tung, Reza Ghomashchi, Stephen Kidd, Dusan Losic, Comparative antibacterial activity of 2D materials coated on the porous titania, Journal Materials Chemistry B 2021, 9, 6412-6424,  http://DOI

337. Huimin Yu, Mathias Aakyiir, Shihong Xu, Jason D. Whittle, Dusan Losic, Jun Ma, Maximized crystal water content and charge-shielding effect in layered vanadate render superior aqueous zinc-ion battery, Materials Today Energy,

336. Farzaneh Farivar, Pei Lay Yap, Tran Thanh Tung, Dusan Losic, Highly water dispersible functionalized graphene by thermal thiol-ene click chemistry, Materials 2021, 14 (11) 2830

335. Kamrul Hassan, Nathan Stanley,Tran Thanh Tung, Pei Lay Yap, Hadi Rastin, Dusan Losic, Extrusion printed CNT-graphene sensor array with embedded MXene heater for enhanced NO2 sensing at low temperature, Advanced Materials Interfaces 2021,

334. Kamrul Hassan, Tran Thanh Tung, Pei Lay Yap, Hadi Rastin, Nathan Stanley, Md. Julker Nine, Dusan Losic, Fractal design for advancing performance of chemo-resistive sensors, ACS Sensors, 2021, 6,10, 3685-3695

333. Le Yu, Pei Lay Yap, Alexandre M. C. Santos, Diana N. H. Tran, Dusan Losic, Lightweight Bismuth Titanate (Bi4Ti3O12)-Epoxy Composite for Advanced Lead-Free X-ray Radiation Shielding, ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2021, 4, 7, 7471–7478

332. Farzaneh Farivar, Pei Lay Yap, Ramesh U. Karunagaran, Dusan Losic, Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) of Graphene Materials: Effect of Particle Size of Graphene, Graphene Oxide and Graphite on Thermal Parameters, C Journal of Carbon Research, 2021, 7(2), 41

331. Mahesh P. Bhat, Mahaveer Kurkuri,Dusan Losic, Madhuprasad Kigga,Tariq Altalhi, New Optofluidic based Lab-on-a-chip device for the real-time fluoride analysis, Analytica Chemica Acta, 2021, 1159, 338439,

330. Quoc Hue Phoa, Marc Escriba-Gelonch, Dusan Losic, Evgeny Rebrov, Nam Nghiep Tran, and Volker Hessel, A Survey of Synthesis Processes for N-doped Carbon Dots Assessed by Green Chemistry, Circular and EcoScale Metrics, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2021 9, 13, 4755–4770

329. Farzaneh Farivar, Pei Lay Yap, Kamrul Hassan,Tran Thanh Tung, Diana N.H. Tran, Andrew J. Pollard, Dusan Losic, Unlocking thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) in the fight against “Fake graphene” materials, Carbon, 2021, 179, 505-513

328. Hadi Rastin, Mahnaz Ramezanpour, Kamrul Hassan, Arash Mazinani, Tran Thanh Tung, Sarah Vreugde, Dusan Losic, 3D Bioprinting of a Cell-laden Antibacterial Hydrogel Composite, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2021, 264, 117989

327. Hadi Rastin, Negar Mansouri, Kamrul Hassan, Arash Mazinani, Mahnaz Ramezanpourd, Pei Lay Yap, Le Yu, Tran Thanh Tung, Sarah Vreugded, Dusan Losic, 2D Nanomaterials and 3D Bioprinting Technology Advanced Healthcare Materials 2021, 2101439,

326. Shaheer Maher, Asiri R. Wijenayaka, Luis Lima-Marques, Dongqing Yang, Gerald J. Atkins, Dusan Losic, Advancing of Additive-Manufactured Titanium Implants with Bioinspired Micro- to Nanotopographies, ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 2021, 7, 441−450,

325. D. Losic, Advancing of titanium medical implants by surface engineering: recent progress and challenges, Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 2021

324. Negar Mansouri, Said Al-Sarawi, Dusan Losic, Jagan Mazumdar, Jillian Clark, Stan Gronthos, Ryan O’Hare Doig, Biodegradable and Biocompatible Graphene-based Scaffolds for Functional Neural Tissue Engineering: A Strategy Approach Using Dental Pulp Stem Cells, Biomaterials, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2021,  http://10.22541/au.161048675.56592461/v1

323. Tran Thanh Tung, Sheng Jian Chen, Chirstophe Fumeaux, Tae Young Kim, D. Losic, Graphene-PEDOT nanocomposites for implementation of a flexible wideband antenna for wearable wireless communication applications, Nanotechnology, 2021, 32 245711

322. Tianhua Chen, Shimou Chen,Yong Chen, Ming Zhao, Dusan Losic and Suojiang Zhang, Metal-Organic Frameworks Containing Solid-state Electrolytes for Lithium Metal Batteries and Beyond, Mater. Chem. Front., 2021, 5, 1771-1794

321. Van Dac Ho, Aliakbar Gholampour, Dusan Losic, Togay Ozbakkaloglu, Enhancing the performance and environmental impact of alkali-activated binder-based composites containing graphene oxide and industrial by-products, Construction and Building Materials, 2021, 284, 122811

320. Arash Mazinani, Md Julker Nine, Roberto Chiesa, Gabriele Candiani, Paolo Tarsini, Tran Thanh Tung, Dusan Losic,Graphene oxide (GO) decorated on multi-structured porous titania fabricated by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) for enhanced antibacterial performance, Materials and Design, 2021, 200, 109443

319. Zhi Zhu, Qiulan Zhang, Pei Lay Yap, Yongnian Ni, Dusan Losic, Magnetic reduced graphene oxide as a nano-vehicle for loading and delivery of curcumin, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 2021,252, 119471

318. K. Hassan, T. T. Tung, N. Stanley, F. Farivar, H. Rastin, Md. J. Nine, D. Losic, Graphene ink for 3D extrusion micro printing of chemo-resistive sensing devices for VOC detection, Nanoscale, 2021, 13, 5356-5368

317. M. Krebsz, T. Pasinszki, T.Tung, Md J. Nine, D. Losic, Multiple Applications of Bio-Graphene Foam for Efficient Chromate Ion Removal and Oil-Water Separation, Chemosphere, 2021, 263, 127790

316. Le Yu, Pei Lay Yap, Diana N. H. Tran, Alexandre M. C. Santos, Dusan Losic, High-Yield Preparation of Edge-Functionalized and Water Dispersible Few-Layers of Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) by Direct Wet Chemical Exfoliation, Nanotechnology, 2021,

315.Le Yu, Ana L.C.Pereira, Diana N.H.Tran,Alexandre M.C.Santos, Dusan Losic, Bismuth Oxide Films for X-ray Shielding: Effects of Particle Size and Structural Morphology, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2021, 260, 124084

314. Pei Lay Yap, Md. Julker Nine, Kamrul Hassan, Tran Tung, Diana, N.H. Tran and Dusan Losic, Graphene-based Sorbents for Multi-Pollutants Removal in Water: A Review of Recent Progress, Advanced Functional Meterials, 2021, 31, 9, 2007356

313. Ramesh Karunagaran, Diana Tran, Tran Thanh Tung, Cameron Shearer, Dusan Losic, A Unique Synthesis of Macroporous N-Doped Carbon Composite Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, Nanomaterials, 2021, 11(1), 43;

2020 Journal papers

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312. Job Nijhuis, Quy Don Tran, Hoang-Phuong Phan, Toan Dinh, Nam-Trung Nguyen, Nam Nghiep Tran, Tran Thanh Tung, Dusan Losic, Volker Hessel, Toward on-board Microchip Synthesis of CdSe vs PbSe Nanocrystalline Quantum Dots as a Spectral Decoy for Protecting Space Assets, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, 2020

311. G Sriram, UT Uthappa, D Losic, M Kigga, HY Jung, MD Kurkuri, Mg–Al-Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Modified Diatoms for Highly Efficient Removal of Congo Red from Aqueous Solution, Applied Sciences, 2020, 10 (7), 2285

310. Tran Van Hung, Ramesh karunagaran, Tran Thanh Tung, Nam Nguyen Dang, Sang Xuan Nguyen, Dusan Losic, Nitrogen-doped Carbon coated Nanodiamonds for Electrocatalytic Applications, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2020

309.Van Dac Ho, Ching-Tai Ng, Togay Ozbakkaloglu, Ramesh U. Karunagaran, Farzaneh Farivar, Andy Goodwin, Craig Mc Guckin, Van Duong Ho, Dusan Losic,Investigating the reinforcing mechanism and optimized dosage of pristine graphene for enhancing mechanical strengths of cementitious composites, RSC Advances, 2020

308. K. Hassan, T. T. Tung, P. Lay Yap, Md J. Nine, H. C. Kim, D. Losic, Fast response hydrogen gas sensor based on Pd/Cr nanogaps fabricated by a single-step bending deformation, Analytica Chimica Acta, 2020, 1138, Pages 49-58,

307. H. Wang, D. Tran, M. M. Moussa, N. Stanley, T. T. Tung, L Yu, P Lay Yap, F. Ding, J. Qian, D. Losic, Improved preparation of MoS2/graphene composites and their inks for supercapacitors applications, Materials Science and Engineering: B, 2020, 262, 114700

306.K. Hassan, Md J. Nine, T. T. Tung, N. Stanley, P. Lay Yap, H. Rastin, L Yu, D. Losic, Functional Inks and Extrusion-Based 3D Printing of 2D Materials: A Review of current research and applications, Nanoscale, 2020, 12, 19007-19042

305.P.L. Yap, K. Hassan, F. Farivar, .N.H. Tran,D. Losic, All-in-One Bioinspired Multifunctional Graphene Biopolymer Foam for Simultaneous Removal of Multiple Water Pollutants, Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2020, 7, 18, 2000664

304. Md J. Nine, Ay Ching Hee, Tran T. Tung, Kamrul Hassan, Dusan Losic, Cross-overlapped flat-silver/hexagonal boron nitride for translucent heat-reflective coatings with high efficiency, Applied Materials Today, 2020, 20, 100764

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