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Completed Honours projects (2012-2014)

Wang Luoshan, 2014 Thesis:Engineered graphene-nanoparticle aerogel composites for efficient removal of phosphate from water
Chi Hao, 2014 Thesis: Graphene based aerogels for drug delivery applications
Ting Rui, 2014 Thesis: Adsorption of oil-water emulsions by graphene aerogel composites
Hoa Minh, 2014 Thesis: Embedding graphene in tellurite glass (IPAS)
Raymond Jiaqi, 2014 Thesis:Enhanced Protection of Stored Grain from Insect Pests by Combining Inert Dusts and Modified Atmosphere
Muhammad Zaid, 2014 Thesis: Design of Laboratory Scale Grain Storage Bunkers for Testing Insecticide Efficacy
Cheryl Law Suwen, 2014 Thesis: Synergistic combination of nanoengineered drug-releasing titanium wire implants and polymer coating for improved controlled drug release (PhD scholarship University of Adelaide)
Robert P. Dickinson, 2014 Thesis: Advanced nanoporous optical biosensors for detection of cardiac biomarkers
Jordan Hains, 2014 Thesis: Advanced nanoporous optical biosensors for detection of acrylamide in food
Hiok Nam Low, 2014 Thesis: Improvements on porous alumina membrane for chromatographic separations through pore structure and surface modifications
Suraya Syazwani Mohamad Yusof, 2014 Thesis: Biosensor for detection of biomarkers in food technology
Jeremy Wong, 2014 Thesis, Development of glasses doped with nanocrystals (IPAS)
Haiyuan Goh 2013 Thesis: Label-free optical microchip biosensor for detection of dairy pathogens (PhD scholarship 2014 University College London UK)
Jamilla Hull, 2013 Thesis: Self-propelled nanorobots
Ksenia Karataeva 2013 Thesis: Development of advanced drug-releasing nanoporous anodic alumina implants
Gary Choo, 2013 Thesis: Use of Diatomaceous Erath Stationary Phase for Liquid Chromatography Separations
Linda Tran, 2012 Thesis: Capturing Liquid in Microfluidic Channels for sensors Applications
John Marshal, 2012 Thesis: Improving the detection of beads using reflectometric interference spectroscopy by coating with magnetic nanoparticles (PhD Scholarship University of Adelaide
John Bradbury, 2012 Thesis: The capture and measurement of circulating tumour cells within a single microfluidic channel by electrophoresis (working in Adeliade)
Sheryl Foong, 2012 Thesis: Smart nanoreactors: Engineering, characterisation and optimisation of enzymatic nanoreactors based on nanoporous anodic alumina funnels
Cassandra Mei Fong, 2012 Thesis: Structural engineering of NAAMs for chromatography biological applications