Postdoctoral Researchers Alumni

Dr Farzaneh Farivar (2018-2022)

Farzan joined the group as visiting researcher from the University of Teheran and after one year she started to work as postdoctoral researcher on several RC Graphene Research Hub projects involving industry partners including development methods for graphene functionalization, development of new graphene based adsorbents  for environmental remediation (PFAS, oil, heavy metals) and on development of new method for characterization bulk properties of graphene and exploring new graphene production methods. She developed very strong expertise on TGA chracteraization of graphene materials providing valuable contribution to this field. She started in new position as Research fellow at Curtin University.

Dr Ramesh Karunagaran (2018-2021)
Ramesh completed his PhD in the University of Adelaide under the supervision of Prof. Losic on project on development of graphitic carbon materials for energy and environment applications. His research expertise are in areas of carbon materials, graphene, polymer composites and catalysis. He was involved on collaborative ARC Graphene Research Hub projects for industry to development of graphene polymer composites and additives for construction materials. He is currently working with Adelaide based company as Quality Control and Safety Supervisor.

Dr Nathan Stanley (2015-2021)

 Nathan  completed his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Adelaide on the novel chemical synthesis of amino acids towards and after taking several overseas postdoctoral position he joined our group in 2015 to work on industry several  projects on development of new plasma technology for treatment of grain to increase shelf-life and development of technology for capturing and recycling fumigants. his research on ARC Graphene Research Hub involved working on industry project on  developing new biosensors for medical diagnostic using graphene and 2D materials. He developed excellent skills and processes for fabrication of sensing devices using 2D and 3D printing technologies. He is currently working with DSTG in Adelaide.

Dr Nathan Stanley








Dr Grant Mathieson (2018-2020)

Grant completed his PhD in Materials science and Process Engineering from the University of Waikato in 2026. at The University of Waikato, NZ. He worked as  postdoctoral researcher  in NZ and after move to Australia he worked at UniSA and graphene company Imagine Intelligent Materials to work on graphene coated geofabrics.  He joined the group in 2018   to work on industry project and ARC Graphene Research Hub working  on developing graphene-enhanced anti-corrosive paint with industry partner, Graphene Technology Solutions or Sparc Technologies ltd (Adelaide). After completing project he moved to work with Sparc Technologies ltd on commercialization of graphene protective paints and and graphene additives.







Dr  Diana Tran (Ngoc Hoa) (2014-2019)

Diana completed her PhD in 2010 in Engineering (Minerals and Materials)at Ian Wark Research Institute, University of Australia. After taking postdoctoral research position at University of Melbourne she joined our research group  in 2014. Diana was key researcher who started graphene research with Prof Losic  working on many industry and ARC Graphene Research Hub project. She developed several methods for preparation of graphene materials, their modification and developed several graphene based products (graphene adsorbents for heavy metals and oils). She contributed to 5 graphene based patents which are all granted and licensed to industry partners.  She is currently Senior lecturer at School of Chemical engineering, the University of Adelaide.








Dr Mousa Mohammad (2018-2019)
Dr Ay Ching Hee (2018-2019)
Dr Aryal Hare (2018-2019)
Dr Campbell Coghlan (2017-18)
Dr Jesse Teo (2018)
Dr Ivan Andjelkovic (2016-2018)
Dr Mohammad Barati (2018)
Dr Meisam Valizadeh Kiamahalleh (2016 Visiting)
Dr Jie Qin (2015-2016, Visiting)
Dr Martin Cole (2014-2015)
Dr Abel Santos (2012 -2018)
Dr Sara Azari (2015, visiting)
Dr Maryam Sadat Khaksar (2016, Visiting)
Dr Clare Worthley (2016)
Dr Muhammad Abdelhamid (2016)
Dr Neil Trout (2015)
Dr Ahmed M. ElMekawy (2014, Visiting)
Dr Krishna Kant, (2014) Research Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Dr Gagandeep Kaur (2013-2014)
Dr Shafiur Rahman (2013-2014)
Dr. Saji Viswanathan Sushama (2014 Australian Endeavour fellow)
Dr Moom Sinn Aw (2013)
Dr Jeongha Yoo (2013-2014)
Dr Mahaveer Kurkuri (2009-2011)
Dr Lucas Johnson (2012-2013)
Dr Chen Zhang (2011-2012)
Dr. Vera Locket (2009)