Dr Md Julker Nine

Dr Md Julker Nine TEST

Tung is currently a Senior researcher and a Project leader on ARC Research Hub for Additive Manufacturing with 2D materials (AM2D) working with industry partner. He completed his PhD at Korea University (KU), South Korea, in 2010, in Materials Science and Engineering. He had several postdoctoral fellow positions at KU (2011), LIMATB at University of South Brittany (UBS, 2011-2013) and ICPEES at CNRS-Strasbourg University (2013-2014), France. He joined Prof. Dusan Losic’s Group in 2015 and he has been working as Senior researcher on broad range of research topics involving graphene and 2D materials such as developing methods for their preparation, formulation their inks, conducting polymers, development of pressure and VOC senors, antennas, graphene, 2D and 3D printing, polymer nanocomposites. He is c0-author on >50 journal papers on graphene and coauthor of 3 Patents. he was responsible as project leader for several industry and ARC Graphene Research Hub project.