Dr Pei Lay Yap

Pei is working  as a postdoctoral researcher research  and a project leader on ARC Research Hub on Advanced Manufacturing with 2D materials (AMD) involving industry partner.  He received PhD scholarship from University of Adelaide and completed her PhD degree on research topic “Development of Advanced Graphene-based Composites for Water Purification” under supervision of Prof D. Losic. Her PhD  work  was awarded 2021 RACI Cornforth Medal for the best PhD thesis on Chemical research.   Her research interests include synthesis of functionalized graphene materials for water remediation (PFAS, heavy metals, oil),  graphene adsorbents for CO2 capture and development of new methods for characterization of graphene materials.  After completing PhD he joined ARC Graphene research Hub where he worked on industry projects for development of PFAS adsorbents.